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If you've noticed I've stopped updating my livejournal review blog, it's because I'm now writing movie reviews for another blog, one I might actually get paid for. Here's the link to my articles: http://the-lfb.com/author/rbaron/

Also, I'm trying to raise money for a short film. Help donate if you can, and if not, please share it around: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/book-girl

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Jan. 1st, 2013

Happy 2013 (to those of you who are actually reading this). The world didn't end, I made it to the end of the semester, Hannukah was nice despite being at school the whole time, seen some good movies, spent New Year's Eve with my girlfriend. Of course the question is if anyone's reading this. Most of my friends seem to have left LJ and I'm not sure how much of a point there is to try to update this journal. I'll still post movie reviews at rubikunsreviews and occasionally check communities and such but it seems like it's not worth the effort to keep up with posting here much anymore.

Please vote for me in this contest: https://apps.facebook.com/funimationcontest/contests/300093/voteable_entries/60521731

It'll help my school's anime club if I win! I'm in 4th place at the moment, so I need one last push to get to 1st by Wednesday!

So About The Convention

Discovering the truth
It was a confusing weekend, mainly because the guy who I was staying with was kind of an obnoxious condescending jerk. I knew before he could come off as rude at times, but it always seemed like he just had a bad sense of humor, whereas now it's clear he's 100% serious. The saddest part is that he's convinced he's "helping" me with "problems" by being rude to me. Newsflash: IT ISN'T. I'm worried I'm going to have to deal with more people like him in the future who are awful to me yet are both convinced they're helping me and that when I stand up for myself they know better than I do, especially since I'm an Aspie (giving horrible unwanted forms of "help" is the basic philosophy of Autism $peaks and other groups of that sort).

But as for the con itself, whenever I wasn't with my host, which was thankfully very little, it was awesome! Some highlights:
-getting to see advanced footage of Pacific Rim (which to my knowledge hasn't leaked anywhere, given the tight security at these panels), and Guillermo Del Toro being his funny crude awesome self when talking about the movie
-the Da Vinci's Demons panel, where I met up with my tumblr/otherkin/Sherlock meet-up friend Maddi, saw another as-far-as-I-know unleaked trailer, and got to ask the panelists a question that got a great answer (watch the last minute or so: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPQ58CM241A)
-getting to talk with Ted Naifeh, Bryan Lee O'Malley, David Lloyd, and especially Rob Paulsen
-meeting my mom's awesome geeky friend Steve Bunche in person for the first time
-seems internet animation is suddenly becoming active now that Homestar's basically dead; I was at panels talking about Airship Dracula (the first episode's already up; seems interesting but the animation style's a turn-off), Bravoman, Superf*ckers, and Bravest Warriors (especially hyped about that one; Adventure Time IN SPACE basically)
-Fred Seibert (producer of Adventure Time and the latter two webtoons) is looking for interns!
-Mamoru Hosoda's Wolf Children is coming to American theaters next year!

-4 books from GEN Manga (for only $10, really good deal)
-Gundam 0080
-King of Thorn
-gothic lolita jacket (inspired me to go shopping for a few more things online at fanplusfriend)
-free Da Vinci's Demons shirt ("Feverishly Curious Freeloading Inventor")
-free autographed Bravoman poster
-free issue one of Ragemoor (intriguing)
-a few things I shall not mention as they will be gifts

NY Comic Con 2012

Any of my friends here able to get tickets (whole convention's sold out, woah)? I'll be there all weekend; not sure what time I'll be there on Friday, so it looks like I'll miss Christopher Lloyd's Q&A, so I guess I'll have to go to his autograph table if I am to be That Guy to ask him about the elephant in the room (AKA Oogieloves: what were you thinking?). Definitely gonna check out a lot of stuff in the dealer's room, particularly the Wii U demos (WIIUWIIUWIIU).

Top priority panels:
5:15: Legendary Comics (Guillermo Del Toro!)
6:30: Gundam Unicorn Ep 5 (probably the only way I'll get to see it given Bandai's no longer releasing DVDs)

12:15: The Rose of Versailles
1:45: Da Vinci's Demons (meeting a friend at this panel)
4:00: either Garth Ennis Secret Project or Gay Marriage in Comics, depending on lines and such
6:30: try to get into the costume contest (cosplaying Naota from FLCL), if I fail then go to the Tiger and Bunny Panel
7:45: You Can't Do That on Television (Frederator's present Pen Ward's new show; I'll try to ask Fred Seibert about internships)
9:00: IGN Free Sh*t

12:15: The Fight to Defend Manga (if it's too much like last year's panel, I'll got to the drawing contest at 12:45)
1:30: FUNimation

Shana Tova!

Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends! I find there to be something nice about how the Jewish new year and the new year of school are always this close together; it really feels like a new beginning moreso than January 1st does. Hoping for a good one!

First Week Back At Bard

I'm not sure I love any of my classes just yet. Japanese has been review so far, Modern Tragedy was canceled Monday and Wednesday's class was all somewhat rambly introduction stuff, Economics is OK though the teacher talks annoyingly loudly, and I don't really have a feel of where the Screenwriting class is going, what with it being the teacher's first time ever teaching screenwriting and saying it's the part of filmmaking she finds the most difficult. My roommate's nice but he's been hooked into World of Warcraft or whatever the whole time when he's not in class, so we haven't hit it off as strongly as with my roommate last year.

All that said, NEIL GAIMAN AND AMANDA PALMER!!1!1!!1!!!1!!1! So yeah, I'm having a good time.

Back at School

After this past summer, what with my sick mom and crappy job I got laid off from, this is something of a relief to me.

I'll also be taking a week-long tumblr hiatus, with possible exceptions of checking non-Whovian blogs, to avoid spoilers for Asylum of the Daleks (which will hopefully be screening on the big screen here next week alongside Dinosaurs on a Spaceship). This might actually be good for my sanity.

Oh, Hey, It's Livejournal!

Remember when people used this site? And there were communities and shit? And then everyone was like "zOMG LJ sucks" and left and they had some pretty good complaints about this site, but then they went to Tumblr? FUCKING TUMBLR? Does anyone even like Tumblr? People always say they love Tumblr, but when asked about any individual feature of Tumblr (the lack of privacy settings, the management ignoring rules violations, the horrible app that automatically shuts down after only a few pages of the newsfeed, the crazy drama entering tags, the awful perversion of social justice, the evil it's breeding in the form of "Holmies" and such, etc.), no one has anything positive to say about it. So, if people can put up with all the awfulness of Tumblr, why did LJ die despite being less horrible?